Granite and Marble Installation

Granite Installation

At Granite Works, we realize that the best made countertop in the world means nothing if it is not installed correctly. For most installations we will need to come to you for exact measurements and to make templates to ensure a correct fit for your new countertops. Proper planning at the earliest stage is very important and helps to ensure that the installation project goes well.

We understand that your home is a special place that need to be treated with respect. Our crews have years of experience and know how to take the time and care your granite installation project deserves. We make the project fun, easy and memorable.

Our team knows what you need. Great pricing, quality product and excellent customer service!

Contact Granite Works today at 269-553-0902 or visit us at 8701 Portage Industrial Dr., Portage, MI.

We are always ready to help with your granite installation questions and requirements.